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Will Maclean, the internationally-renowned artist and designer and Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at the University of Dundee, will give the 20th Angus Macleod Memorial Lecture at 7.30pm on Friday 27 October at Pairc School, Gravir.

Professor Maclean’s subject will be ‘The Lewis Land Monuments’, the series of powerful and evocative stone monuments to commemorate the Heroes of the Land Struggle in Lewis, which he designed in the 1990s and subsequent decades, and which have since become an integral part of the island’s landscape. 

In his illustrated lecture, Professor Maclean will discuss the design elements and some of the background history of the memorials at Balallan, Aignish, and Gress commissioned by the ‘Cuimhneachain nan Gaisgeach’ project led by Angus Macleod, and the later ‘An Suileachan’ monument at Reef commissioned by the Bhaltos Community Trust. 

The annual lecture series is arranged by the Pairc Historical Society, the Islands Book Trust, and Angus Macleod’s family in honour of the life and work of the late Angus ‘Ease’ Macleod of Calbost, South Lochs, Lewis.

Donnie Morrison, chairman of the Pairc Historical Society, said:‘We are delighted and greatly privileged that Professor Maclean has agreed to give this year’s landmark memorial lecture, the 20th in the series. It is highly appropriate since ‘Ease’ was the driving force behind ‘Cuimhneachain nan Gaisgeach’ and worked closely with Will and others to bring this ambitious project to fruition.

Entrance is free and all are welcome. It promises to be another memorable social as well as an educational and historically significant occasion. Refreshments will be available.’