Western Isles Citizens Advice service has praised organisations across the Islands which supported them as Barra Citizens Advice Bureau moved offices.

They say: “The Western Isles Citizens Advice Service is very pleased to announce that their new office in Castlebay, Barra is now open for business.

“The move was quite simple; just around the corner from the previous office but the importance of the move is very significant.

“This move means that the Western Isles Citizens Advice Service can maintain its main priority to have offices throughout the Western Isles.

“This enables all the volunteers and staff to be part of the communities they serve.

“The old office was being sold and it did look like there was nowhere for a new office.

“What happened next was a true example of community help. The new owner of the previous office kindly let us stay there whilst we looked for a new site for the CAB.

“Historic Scotland helped significantly with our search and Visit Scotland let us move into the former Tourist Information Centre in Castlebay.

“In turn we were able to lease this site from them as our new home.

“Without these three immense acts of kindness we would not be in a position to offer face-to-face help and advice to these parts of the Islands.

“The move is now complete and we have even updated some of our Internet Facilities and equipment so we can meet the future needs of the people and visitors in Barra.

“The work of the Western Isles Citizens Advice Service is forever changing and growing.  The service we provide as a Citizens Advice Bureau is well known, well respected, well established and is vital for the people of the Western Isles.

“The front-line nature of the advice we give freely often means we are the first to identify the issues affecting the citizens of the Western Isles and gives us a unique insight into their needs and concerns.

“Our world is forever changing and we all need advice at some time in our lives. Any advice we give is free, confidential and impartial, up to date and from very well-trained advisers.
“To meet these needs we often advertise for more staff and always need the experience of new volunteers.

If you want to contact us at the Western Isles Citizens Advice Service, please give us a call on:

  • CAB Barra – 01871 810608
  • CAB Harris – 01859 502431
  • CAB Lewis – 01851 705727
  • CAB Uist – 01870 602421

Those interested in volunteering please contact our Training Officer on 01851 705727