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A team of Uist women plan to walk in the twilight zone this summer and raise cash for breast cancer research.

The team, who call themselves Flap Jacks and Big Buns, are stepping out on the Moonwalk Scotland 2022 on June 11.

The annual moonlit walking event is held by Walk the Walk, which notes that COVID -19 has had a devastating impact on those living with cancer.

Explains Walk the Walk: “For many, it has been a lonely, isolating experience that often means not being with family whilst undergoing treatment. The need for emotional and physical support has never been greater.

The fundraising effort in Uist is being headed by team captain Peggy Ann Macmillan, with the money raised during the 24th Moonwalk helping to finance emergency grants to front line services and charities.

You can donate to the Uist effort online at