There have once again been no further cases of Covid-19 infection associated with the outbreak in Uist , NHS Western Isles said last night (Tuesday October 20) - nor have there have been others on the rest of the Islands. 

This leaves the total of cases from the outbreak in Eriskay, South Uist and Benbecula at 50.

NHS Western Isles chief executive Gordon Jamieson, in his daily, late-evening, broadcast on Twitter, said again that he wanted everyone to continue to do whatever they could to keep to the guidelines to subdue the spread of the virus. He pointed out that the success of Test & Protect in subduing the Uist outbreak was dependent on the co-operation of families afffected in accepting self-isolation.

The complete total number of cases on the Islands, according to NHS Western Isles, since the start of the pandemic is 58.  There have now been 50 cases in South Uist, one in North Uist, and seven on Lewis.

Official national figures show a higher total but NHS Western Isles has retested several people and found they were negative for the virus when a more relaible test was used.