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  1. Wild Life in the Highlands. Shooting, Fishing, Natural History and Legend by Dugald Macintyre. H.B. Originally Published in 1936 This new and Revised edition is from 1950. 18 Chapters and Illustrations. Chapters include; Early Days in Argyll, Fishing, Poaching and Natural History, Days on Sea, Lochs and Rivers, Hunting and Trapping, Sport. Legend and Folk lore of Ross Shire, Sporting Adventures of 1914-18, Nature Notes from Argyll, Central Scotland and Ross Shire, Sport and Natural History of Mull, A New Country, etc, etc. 254 Pages. £25
  2. Rangers -The New Era 1873-1966 by William Allison. Contents: The new History and Why, List of Illustrations, Foreword, Seasons 1951-52 -1965-66, The Years Before, How it all Began, Seasons 1873- 1951, The Statistics, Directors 1899-1966-67. H.B. Published in 1966, 410 Pages. A nice copy. Scarce. £15
  3. Gairm Leabhar X111. 1964-65. H.B. Measgachadh de sgeulachdan, bardachd, sgeulachdan goirid, leabhraichean agus iomadach cuspair eile. 384 Duilleagan. £6
  4. Am Measg Nam Bodach. Co Chruinneachadh de sgeulachdan is beul aithris a chaidh a chraobh sgaoileadh air an fhritheud eadar Samhuinn, 1936 agus an Gearran 1937. Tha na sgeulachdan e Beinn a Bhaoghla, Canaidh, Eige agus Ruma, Colla, Diura, Eilean Sgitheanach, Eirisgeidh agus Uidhist a Deas, Eisdeal agus Luinn, Na Hearradh, Ile, Leodhas, Muile, Ratharsair, Scarpa, Tiriodh, Uibhist a Tuath. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1938. 148 Duilleag. £12
  5. The History of Loch Morlich Hostel by John Rosenfield. P.B. Published in 2013. This is the story of the folk who brought that old shooting lodge to life by their very presence, the hostellers, the staff, the visitors, everyone who came through the front or the back doors(and sometimes through the windows) 139 Pages. Signed by the Author. £8
  6. A Long Way From Lochaber. The Life Story of Charles Cameron Macdonald 1903-1990 by Nan Van Slingelandt and Innes Macdonald. The story of the authors father, a Gaelic speaker from Lochaber who spent the majority of his life as a policeman in Glasgow. P.B. Published in 2000, 31 Chapters. Foreword by Murdo Campbell, Ex Scalpay and Inverness. The bok is signed by Innes Macdonald, better known as the Manager of the successful Elgin City FC side of  the 1960’s and 70’s, and later the Manager of Nairn County FC. 102 Pages. £8
  7. Erch in Urchinage. Being Stories and Notes about the Town of Inverness from 1918 to 1939 by M. Dick. Illustrated by C. Arthur. B. With D/J Published in 1985.33 Chapters and Index. 176 Pages. £8
  8. Wembley Wizards. The Story of a Legend by Paul Joannou. This is the book of the legend -the legend of giant killers, the legend of that rain sodden day in 1928 when the Wee Blue Devils from the North humiliated the ‘Auld Enemy’ 5-1 at Wembley. Includes in depth profiles of the 11 players who took part in the game. H.B. With D/J Published in 1990. Contents: Introduction, Part One -The Build Up, Part Two -Eleven Immortals, Part Three -The Action, Facts & Figures, Bibliography. 221 Pages. £6
  9. Calbost Croft Genealogy. Compiled by Angus Macleod. A record of the people who occupied the crofts of Calbost, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis. Booklet, Printed in 2008. 36 Pages. £6
  10. South Lochs in the Leverhulme Era. A Community in Crisis by Monique Watt. Booklet,Printed in 2012. 48 Pages. £6
  11. Lewis Revivals of the 20th Century by Rev Norman Macleod. This booklet is produced from an address given in August 1988 by Mr Macleod to the Summer School of Theology in Larbert. Booklet, 17 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £6 (Scarce)
  12. The Lord is Risen Indeed. Sermons. Preached in Stornoway and Elsewhere by the Rev Roderick Morrison Minister Emeritus of Stornoway High Church and Formerly of Lochcarron. H.B. Published in 1951. Twenty Three Sermons in Total. 143 Pages. £8
  13. A Godly Heritage. Famous People of Stonehaven and District by Archibald Watt. Booklet, which profiles 28 Famous people from the area. Printed in 1990. 81 Pages. £5
  14. Island Heroes. The Military History of the Hebrides. This book was a resukt of a three day conference in Shawbost, Isle of Lewis in 2008 to address the question Island Heroes -The Hebrides and Military History. Chapters are by those who spoke at the conference; Frank Thompson, Andrew Mackillop, Nicholas Maclean Bristol, Captain Roderick Mackinnon, Donald John Macleod, M.N. Beaton and W. McGonagle, Malcolm Macdonald, Mike Hughes, John Davenport, Ken Watson, Sheriff Colin Scott Mackenzie, Erling Isholm. P.B. Published in 2010, and includes illustrations. 205 Pages. £10
  15. The Heogan Story. A link with the Past. By James H.Tulloch. P.B. Published in 2013. This book -a link with the past, documents the changing times and fortunes of the Heogan fish meal factory in Shetland, from its infancy in the 1880’s through to today, 130 years later. 21 Chapters. 178 Pages. Signed by the Author. £8
  16. No Shame in Fear by Alex C Maclean. The autobiography of Alex C Maclean who was born in Tiree in 1923. It tells of his hurt and shame when at the age of 23 he discovered that his beloved mother Catherine was not his birth mother and that his father was unknown. Throughout his life Alex sought to discover the identity of his birth parents, however sadly he died without ever finding out the truth that Catherine was indeed his birth mother. She had told the Tiree community he was adopted to avoid the shame of his illegitimacy.P.B. Published in 2016. Thirteen Chapters. 137 Chapters. £6
  17. W. Herald 1859-1914 by Kenneth Roberts. A booklet about James Watterston Herald the artist from the county town of Forfar in Angus. Booklet, printed in 1988. The booklet gives details of his life and his paintings. 50 Pages. £5
  18. A Real Life Story. The story of the Rev Iain Macaskill from North Uist, who became a Minister in the Free Church of Scotland. Booklet, printed in 2017. 38 Pages. £5
  19. A Scotsman’s War by Ben Coutts. The author is a unique Scots character. Well known as a broadcaster and author, he has been in his time a farm manager, a politician, a breeder and a judge of Highland ponies and Highland Cattle and an agricultural advisor to the BBC. P.B. Published in 1995. This book details his war career. 12 Chapters which includes illustrations. 102 Pages. £6
  20. Mitchell’s. The story of a Stornoway Family’s Garage and Bus Business by Colin Tucker. This book gives a very detailed history of a well known business in Stornoway which at one time ran buses, lorries, and a garage business from the 1920’s until 95. It details the companies highs and lows and the challenges it faced. Many former employees were interviewed for this book. P.B. Published in 2018. Twenty Three Chapters, which includes many photographs. 232 Pages. £10
  21. Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis -Up to the Disruption of 1843 by Rev Murdo Macaulay. P.B. Published in the late 1980’s. 43 Chapters and an Index, includes chapters on many of the congregations, Ministers and other well known Men and Women from that era. 227 Pages. £8
  22. The Highland Clearances by Eric Richards. People, Landlords and Rural Turmoil. 19 Chapters with sub chapters. This book traces the origins of the clearances from the Eighteenth Century to their culmination in the crofting legislation of the 1880’s. P.B. Originally Published in 2000, this reprint is from 2008. 486 Pages. £6
  23. George Washington Wilson in Caithness and Sutherland. By John S. Smith. Booklet, printed in 1988. Photographs from the George Washington Wilson Collection. Edited for the Library Committee of the University of Aberdeen by Peter L. Payne. 48 Pages. £8
  24. The Windswept Isles. ‘Shetland & Its People’ by Elizabeth Balneaves. The author brings to life the history of these islands which have recently come into the world’s eye by virtue of the oil wealth that lies beneath the surrounding seas. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. Twenty Three Chapters, Glossary, Selected Bibliography, Index. Contains many photographs. 328 Pages. £10
  25. The Tayside Doctors by J.S.G. Blair. This book is a record of the lives of ten special doctors -one woman and nine men. The Doctors profiled in the book are; Walter Walker Yellowlees, Harry Allan Graham, William Macintyre Wilson, William Lofley Tullis, Martin Fallon, Robert Cochrane Buist, William Fyfe Dorward, Walter Gordon Campbell, Jean Herring and William John Macintosh. B. With D/J Published in 1990. 110 Pages. £10
  26. The Rectors of the University of Edinburgh 1859-2000 by Donald Wintersgill. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. The book is in Two parts; The Rectors from 1859-1948 and Part Two deals with the Rectors from 1948 Onwards. 230 Pages. £10
  27. Scottish Highland Games by David Websters. Illustrated by John Gardner. This publications deals with the Dancers, Pipers, Heavy Event Athletes and individuals who made their mark at Highland Games through the decades. P.B. Date of Printing unknown. 160 Pages. £10
  28.  Scottish Memories. Immigration Stories. More than half a century ago, young men and women from farms and villages, cities and sea ports in distant lands dared to plan new lives, new beginnings and a better future. Carrying only a few belongings with them, they travelled from India, from China, from Africa and the Caribbean and set up home in Scotland.  It profiles some of the people who made their homes in the West of Scotland, Central Scotland, East of Scotland, and the North of Scotland. P.B. Date of publishing circa 2000’s. 252 Pages. £10
  29. Do Ghinealach Eile. Da fhichead oran o bheul aithris Uibhist a Deas. Air a dheasachadh le Iseabail T. Nicdhomhnaill agus Fearchar I. Macillinein. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1995. 46 Duilleag. £8
  30. A Life in Forestry by John McEwen. Edited by Doris Hatvaney. P.B. Published in 1998. Eleven Chapters. 95 Pages. £8
  31. Who Owns Scotland – A Study in Land Ownership by John McEwan. A book which was the first in depth study of land ownership in Scotland. P.B. Published in 1977. It gives details of who owned what in 1977. 136 Pages. £8 Includes a newspaper cutting from the West Highland Free Press of the obituary to John McEwan.
  32. The Postal History of Perth 1900-2000 by Norman Watson. B. With D/J Published in 2006. The book is in four parts: Handstamps, Machine Cancellations, Special purpose handstamps, Perth Sub Offices and their Cancellations and a Bibliography. 95 Pages. £12
  33. The Story of the Rangers. Fifty Years Football 1873-1923. A Jubilee History by John Allan. This book was originally published in 1923, this facsimilie copy is from 1996. Contents includes the Origin of Rangers, the early league and Cup Triumphs, famous players, a list of the early directors and statistics. H.B. With D/J and includes many illustrations. 327 Pages. £6
  34. The Bear Hunter. Searching for Rangers Nine in a Row Heroes. John Irwin with Murray Scougall. John Irwin tracked down all 86 players who featured in Rangers nine league title triumphs between 1989 and 1997. His obsession took him round the world and provided him with adventures and memories he will never forget. H.B. With D/J Published in 2016. 272 Pages. £6
  35. Glasgow’s Doctor -James Burn Russell 1837- 1904 by Edna Robertson. The story of Glasgow’s First Medical Officer of Health. A key figure in Glasgow’s late Victorian flowering of municipal enterprise and civic values, James Burn Russell was internationally renowned in his day. But not even the Victorian public was aware of the tragedy that dogged the private life of this reserved, enigmatic, but endearing man. P.B. Published in 1998. 19 Chapters, a family footnote, and includes illustrations. 248 Pages. £6
  36. Morvern Transformed. A Highland Parish in the Nineteenth Century by Philip Gaskell. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968. 1st Contents: Morvern in 1800, The Impact of Efficiency 1800-1850, Holiday Home 1800-1870, Rich Man’s Castle, 1870-1900, Appendixes, which include early statistical surveys, Nineteenth Century Morvern Properties, Remains of the historic period, Ardtornish Papers, Diaries, Memoirs, etc, Genealogical Tables: Macleod, Sellar, Smith, Bibliography. 273 Pages, and includes Plates and a Map. £20
  37. Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories by Emily Macdonald. This book covers the years 1918-1939. The author was a niece of the owner of the Island of Lewis at the time Lord Leverhulme, and later married Dr Donald Macdonald of Gisla. H.B. Published in 1965. Fourteen Chapters and many illustrations. 156 Pages. £20
  38. Centre of Excellence -The Jim Renwick Story. Jim Renwick with David Barnes. Jim Renwick has been rated as one of the best Scottish Rugby players ever, from his debut in 1972 until his last appearance in the Grand Slam winning year of 1984, he won 52 caps. H.B. With D/J Published in 2006. 37 Chapters. Includes Photographs. 238 Pages. £6
  39. Poacher’s Pilgrimage An Island Journey by Alastair Mcintosh. Over a twelve day pilgrimage, often in appalling conditions, the author returned to the islands of his childhood to explore the meaning of these places. H.B. With D/J Published in 2016. The book is in Three parts and includes a Gaelic Glossary and Pronunciation Guide, Bibliography and Endnotes. Also has many Illustrations. 329 Pages. £6
  40. The Diary of Jessie Thain. (The Friend of Robert Murray McCheyne) Edited by Rev Murdoch Campbell. Booklet, printed in 1955. 64 Pages. £6
  41. Laoidhean Spioradail le Domhnull MacChoinnich Fear Ceasnuichidh ann an Sgire Assuint, An Cataobh. Air an Deasachadh airson A Chlodh Bhuailaidh So Leis An Urr I.R. Macaoidh Inbhirnis. H.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1909. Tri Deug Laoidhean uile gu leir. 47 Duilleagan. £12 (Gann)
  42. Caidreabh 72. A written and pictorial account of Caidreabh nan Gaidheal Canada, a cultural exercise undertaken by Comunn Gaidhlig Cheap Breatunn with the assistance of Multiculturalism Grants Programme of the Department of the Secretary of State for Canada. Magazine type publication. 52 Pages. £10
  43. Songs Remembered in Exile by John Lorne Campbell. Revised Edition. Traditional Gaelic songs from Nova Scotia recorded in Cape Breton and Antigonish County in 1937 with an account of the causes of the Highland Emigration, 1790-1835. P.B. Originally Published in 1990, this second edition is from 1999. Edited by John Lorne Campbell. Tunes mostly Transcribed by Seumus Ennis. Revised by Colm O’ Baoill. 35 Songs in total and includes illustrations. 231 Pages. £10
  44. A Catechism of the History and Principles of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. A publication which deals with the Scriptures, Worship, Office Bearers, Church Courts, Evolution, etc, etc. Includes Appendices with the Deed of Separation, Free Church Declaratory Act, Synod Resolutions, Ordination Questions and Formula. P.B. Originally Published in 1942-43, this revised edition is from 2013. 77 Pages. £10
  45. Ross County From Highland League to Hampden by Frank Gilfeather. This book charts the remarkable Scottish Cup run of 2009-10, but includes accounts of previous exploits in the Scottish Cup as a Highland League side and also their title winning seasons in the same league. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 137 Pages and includes many photographs and profiles the players who took part in that historic Cup Final of 2010. £8
  46. Going Ballistic. Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC: the first decade. 1994-5 to 2003-4 by Ian S. Broadfoot. P.B. Published in 2004, 14 Chapters and includes statistics of all games played, appearances and goals and a profile on each player that played during the first 10 seasons. Includes an excellent selection of photographs. 251 Pages. £8
  47. Back FC History 75th Anniversary 1933-2008. A detailed history of a club who have taken part in competitive football in each season since they were founded. It has a season by season account of the highs and lows of the side. Includes many photographs and a detailed section on their Junior Sides and facilities at their park and of many of the stalwarts who have been associated with the club since 1933. A4 Size Publication. 118 Pages. £10
  48. The Serpent by Neil M. Gunn. A novel, H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1943, this Sixth Impression is from 1948. 258 Pages. £8
  49. Bloodhunt by Neil M. Gunn. H.B. Published in 1952. 1st 250 Pages. £8
  50. The Drinking Well by Neil M. Gunn. The book is in Four Parts. Novel. H.B. Published in 1946. 1st Edition 464 Pages. £8
  51. Morning Tide by Neil M. Gunn. H.B. With D/J Published in 1946. Tenth Impression. This is the story of three mornings in the life of a boy in a Caithness Fishing Village. 287 Pages. £8
  52. A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland Circa 1695 by Martin Martin, Gent. Including a Voyage to St Kilda by the same author and a description of the Western Isles of Scotland by Sir Donald Monro. Edited with Introduction by Donald J. Macleod. H.B This reprint is from 1934. H.B. 540 Pages. £15
  53. The History and Heritage of Pitlochry and District by the Pitlochry and District Tourist Association. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: Geology, Archaeology, History, Wildlife, Drawings, Text Maps and Cover Design, Drawings -Wildlife, District Map. 47 Pages. £6
  54. Scottish Gaelic Studies. Vol XIX. Edited by Donald E. Meek with the assistance of Colm O’ Baoill. Contents include; Gaelic Voices from Australia, Smuaintean an Eilthirich Leodhas agus Fanas ann am Bardachd, Etymologies and traditions, Amy Murray’s Eriskay Collection, A Diachronic Account of Gaelic News -speak, Moving in Gaelic Musical Circles, etc. P.B. Published in 1999. 279 Pages. £12
  55. Oatmeal and the Catechism. ‘Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec’ by Margaret Bennett. P.B. Published in 2003. Eleven Chapters, List of Plates, Maps and tables, Postscript -Some Food for Thought, Bibliography. 345 Pages. £8
  56. Eilean Fraoich. Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies. A book that was originally published in 1938, this reprint with revisions and new material was published in 1982. The book has; published songs, Unpublished songs, Orain Luaidh, Puirt a Beul, and new songs not included in the 1938 edition. H.B. Published in 1982. 238 Pages. £10
  57. Hebridean Heroines by Catherine M. Morrison. Twentieth Century Queen’s Nurses (1940’s – 1970’s) This book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Women from the Western Isles of Scotland who worked as district nurses in the mid twentieth century. These stories are their legacy. P.B. Published in 2017. Eleven Chapters, Bibliography, Appendices. Includes many photographs. 121 Pages. £10
  58. I’ll Sing on. The story of Catriona Maclean Mackinnon.  The story of Catriona Maclean Mackinnon born in Glasgow of Parents from Skye and Lewis in 1949, she graduated in voice, harp and piano from the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. This is her story of passion and music and her search for truth that would carry her through her struggles with life threatening illness and with the cultural implications of her faith. After a long battle with illness she passed away in 1984. P.B. Published in 2017. 16 Chapters. 114 Pages. £6
  59. A Sad Tale of the Sea. The story of Murdo Mackay and Malcolm Macdonald on the island of Rona by Michael Robson. This is the full story of Mackay and Macdonald who left their homes in Ness, Isle of Lewis, in June 1884, and their deaths on the Island of Rona in the early spring of 1885. Booklet, printed in 2006. 50 Pages. £8
  60. Torhousemuir: Memories of a Wigtownshire Crofter 1935-1945 by Joe Whiteford. Edited by Julia Muir Watt. Crofting has long been considered a purely Highland activity, but in the southernmost reaches of Scotland a crofting community existed until the end of the Second World War. P.B. Published in 2001. 104 Pages. £8
  61. The Men of Skye by Roderick MacCowan. 49 eminent Christian men are profiled in this book. It also has 3 poems in Gaelic written by three of the men. H.B. Fully Rebound. Published in 1902. 230 Pages. £35
  62. Mingulay An Island Guide. Published by Comunn Eachdraidh Bharraigh in 1994. A4 Size Publication. 22 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  63. The Blackhouse Families. Teaghlaichean nan Taighean Dubha. An A4 size publication Details on all the families that occupied the black houses in Gearranan, Isle of Lewis. Printed in 1994. 68 Pages. £15 (Very scarce)
  64. Inverary Jail & County Court Souvenir Guide. The fascinating story of the Jail and the Royal Burgh of Inveraray. Booklet, Date of printing unknown. 28 Pages. £6
  65. Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons. Thirtieth Series. Foreword by Eric Morecombe OBE. P.B. Published in 1976. 126 Pages. £8
  66. Giles Sunday Express & Daile Express Cartoons. Forty First Series. P.B 126 Pages. Published in 1987. £8
  67. The Depths of Divine Love by Morag Morrison Marig. Booklet of spiritual poems, date of printing unknown. 28 Pages. £6
  68. Slim Jim. Simply the Best The Jim Baxter Story by Tom Miller. Slim Jim Baxter was arguably Scotland’s greatest ever footballer, a left foot genius who became a Rangers icon and helped Scotland humiliate world champions England at Wembley in 1967 -with some famous keepie uppie along the way. P.B. Published in 2002. 29 Chapters, photographs and appendices. 240 Pages. £6
  69. Laoidhean agus Orain le Ian Stiubhart. Leabharann, chan eil fios cuin a chaidh fhoillseachadh 12 laoidhean agus orain uile gu leir. £5
  70. Memoirs and Sermons of the Rev Alexander Macleod, Rogart with Brief Memoir by the Rev D. Beaton, Wick. Booklet, originally printed in 1925, this reprint is from 1959. Contents: Brief Memoir, Diary, 4 Sermon’s and two appendices. 48 Pages. £6
  71. The Converting Word. The testimonies of Malcolm and Duncan Macleod -father and son from Kinloch, Isle of Lewis. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 20 Pages. £5
  72. The Student Soldiers by John McConachie. This is the story of Aberdeen University Company of the 4th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders in the Great War of 1914-18. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. 8 Chapters, Epilogue, 2 Appendixes, Bibliography. 143 Pages. Signed by the Author. £15
  73. Pronnagan Gospel Advent in Barvas Parish. A booklet, which was originally published in 1948 by the then Minister of the Congregation the Rev John Macleod. This reprint which is bilingual was reprinted with an update in 2008. 48 Pages. £6
  74. The Lost Railway Lines of Galloway by Alasdair Wham. A series of journeys along the many disused railway routes in Galloway. Booklet, printed in 1996. Seven Journeys in total, a postscript, Bibliography and a map. 72 Pages. £6
  75. War and Border Societies in the Middle Ages. Edited by Anthony Truck and Anthony Goodman. The frontier or ‘marcher’ societies flourished in the Middle Ages and their influence has lasted well into modern times. The papers in this book were presented at a conference held in Otterburn Hall, Northumberland in September 1988. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. 192 Pages. £10
  76. Padre Mac. The Autobiography of the Late Murdo Ewen Macdonald of Harris. With a foreword by the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, MP. P.B. Published in 2008. 18 Chapters and an Epilogue. 193 Pages. £6
  77. Banner in the West  A Spiritual History of Lewis and Harris by John Macleod. The first in depth study of the subject. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008.  The book is in three parts. Part one deals with the years up to 1820, part two up to the Free Church crisis of 1900, and part three deals with the past century. Includes many photographs. 398 Pages. £15 Signed by the author.
  78. When I Heard the Bell The Loss of the Iolaire by John Macleod. The loss of the Iolaire on New Years Day 1919, remains the worst peacetime British disaster at sea since the sinking of the Titantic. This was the first in depth book written about the disaster and also listed all those who were passengers on her that fateful night. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009 -the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Disaster. Eight Chapters plus appendixes and photographs. 292 Pages. £10
  79. Highland Minister. The life and poems of Rev Angus Mackinnon, Aultbea. A Biography by his son Angus Matheson Mackinnon. P.B. Published in 1997, 33 Chapters, Appendix and Bibliography and includes 9 of his Gaelic poems. 470 Pages. £8
  80. For the People’s Cause. From the Writings of John Murdoch. Edited by James Hunter. A book that was published to commemorate the centenary of the Crofters Act 1886, which brought security of tenure to the Scottish Highland’s oppressed and exploited crofters, this book celebrates the achievements of a man who did much to bring about the act’s existence -John Murdoch. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. Nine Chapters. 204 Pages. £8
  81. The Law and the Grace. Poems by Iain Crichton Smith. The third collection of Crichton Smith’s poems that were published. H.B. With D/J Published in 1965, 1st 45 Poems in total. 60 Pages. £8
  82. Love Poems and Elegies by Iain Crichton Smith. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1971, this reprint is from 1972. 45 Poems in total.  63 Pages. £8
  83. The Lords of the Isles. The Clan Donald and the early Kingdom of the Scots by Ronald Williams. P.B. Originally Published in 1984, this reprint is from 1997. Contents: Dalriada and the Celtic Memory, The Viking Period, The Gaelic Revival, The Lordship, Appendices. It also has Maps and Genealogical Tables. 270 Pages. £8
  84. Harris in History and Legend by Bill Lawson. P.B. Originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2011. Contents: The Machair, Tarasaigh, Caol na Hearadh, Tairbeart and na Baigh, The Forest and Scalpaigh, Hiort (St Kilda), Epilogue, Appendix, References, Maps. 219 Pages. £8
  85. The Lords of the Isles by Raymond Campbell Paterson. P.B. Published in 2001. Thirteen Chapters, Notes, Select Bibliography, Maps, Index. 245 Pages. £8
  86. Macaulay Family History by John M. Macaulay. A family history of the Macaulay’s of Flodabay and Geocrab on the Isle of Harris. A private publication. Booklet, printed in 2014. 32 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  87. Croft Histories of Balranald and Paiblesgarry in North Uist. Published by Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath. A detailed history of the each croft and those families that occupied them. Also includes a history of the two villages Pre 1921 and a chapter on the 1921 land raid. Booklet, printed in 1988. 51 pages. £8
  88. West Coast Tales. Riveters, Wrecks and Ring Netters by Walter Weyndling. P.B. Published in 2005. Eight Chapters, Index of Boats and Shipyards, Index of Vessels, Index of Proper Names. 167 Pages. £8
  89. Memories of the Island of Scarp by Donald John Macleod. The author who was born on the island brings his own personal memories together. Booklet, printed in 2009. 32 Pages. £6
  90. Ainmean Eun. Beurla Gu Gaidhlig agus Gaidhlig gu Beurla. A Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Publication. A4 Size Publication. 43 Pages. £8
  91. St Kilda National Nature Reserve. A Scottish Natural Heritage Publication with text by John Love. Contents include; From violent beginnings, Shaping the landscape, Plant life makes landfall, Insects and other animals touch down, Seabirds, Landbirds, St Kilda mice, Soay sheep, Boreray sheep, Seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 45 Pages. £6
  92. Scots Gaelic: A Brief Introduction by George Robert Maclennan. Booklet which was printed in 1987. This publication looks at Aspiration, Spelling, Inflection, Letters lost or Added, Stress and Accent, Some Problems with Verbs, Dialects, Time and Number, Place Names, Basic. 28 Pages. £6
  93. Lord of the Isles by Nigel Nicolson. The story of Lord Leverhulme and his purchase of the islands of Lewis and Harris, shortly after WWI, and his plans to turn both islands into a thriving centre of industry and Commerce. P.B. Originally Published in 1960, this reprint is from February 2000. Ten Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index. Includes Photographs. 264 Pages. £6
  94. A Shilling for your Scowl. The history of a Scottish legal mafia by James Shaw Grant. Donald Munro who was Factor, or Chamberlain, of the Island of Lewis in the middle years of last century, was the most hated man in the island’s history. He was also the Godfather of a little legal mafia of cousins, operating together in the law courts of Lewis and Edinburgh, who held a community inthrall for a generation. P.B. Published in 1992. Nineteen Chapters. 212 Pages. £8
  95. Diary 1851 . John Murdo Mackenzie Chamberlain of the Lews. This book looks at Mackenzie’s diary over a 12 month period and has copies of documents at the end of the book. P.B. Published in 1994, Twelve Chapters 167 Pages. £8
  96. Eadar am Port ‘s an Cambar. Bardachd, Duanagan, sgeulachdan a Bearnaraigh na Hearadh Leabhar 1. Booklet, printed in 1981. 24 Pages. £5
  97. Eighty Years in the Highlands. The Life and Times of Osgood Mackenzie of Inverewe 1842-1922. Edited by Pauline Butler. 15 Chapters, Who’s Who, Bibliography. Two pages with the details of the contents of chapters I to VIII are missing. Includes Photographs. 398 Pages. £8
  98. Two Volumes of a Summer in Skye by Alexander Smith. H.B. Published in 1865. Contents in Volume I: Edinburgh, Stirling and the North, Oban, Skye at Last, At Mr M’Ian’s, A Basket of Fragments, The Second Sight, In a Skye Bothy. Contents Volume II. The Landlord’s Walk, Orbost and Dunvegan, Duntulm, John Penruddock, A Smoking Parliament, The Emigrants, Homewords, Glasgow, Home. £30 for both volumes.
  99. Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an Tiomnaidh Nuaidh air an tarraing O Na Ceud Chanainibh Chum Gaidhlig Albannaich. Biobull Teaghlaich ann an Comhdach Cruaidh air fhoillseachadh ann an 1930. (Gann) £15
  100. The Invisible Spirit. A Life in Post War Scotland 1945-75 by Kenneth Roy. With a new post – Referendum Afterword. P.B. Published in 2013, this reprint is from 2014. A year by year account of events. 31 Chapters, The summing up, Afterword, References, Index. 543 Pages. £8 Signed by the Author.
  101. Luinneagan Luaineach. (Random Lyrics) by Surgeon Lieut -Colonel John MacGregor. H.B. Published in 1897. 1st 40 Luinneagan Gaidhlig, agus 7 air an eadar theangachadh. 220 Pages. £30
  102. A Game of Soldiers. Diary of a National Serviceman 1957 -1960 By Hugh Grant. P.B. Published in 2001. 16 Chapters. 147 Pages. £6 Some of the last pages were stuck together but are readable.
  103. Mod Memories. Four Decades of Pure Nostalgia. A West Highland Free Press Publication. Covers the 1970’s to the 2000’s. Published circa 2008/09. A4 Size Publication which has texts and a huge number of photographs over the years. 64 Pages. £8
  104. By Paths of Highland History by Principal John Macleod. Edited by Professor G.N.M. Collins. H.B. With D/J Published in 1965. Ist Edition. The first part of the book deals with Lochaber and its Evangelical Traditions. Part Two deals with the North Country Separatists. 162 Pages. £15
  105. The Findlater Sisters. Literature & Friendship by Eileen Mackenzie. Mary and Jane Findlater were Scottish novelists whose books were read and loved at the turn of the century by high brow, middle brow and low brow alike. Daughters of a Highland Manse, ‘characters’ women who rose by hard endeavour from poverty and obscurity to fame. H.B. With D/J Published in 1964. Seven Chapters, a list of their books and an Index. 150 Pages. £10
  106. Alexander Macaskill of Drynoch by Kenneth J. Macleay. The story of Alexander Macaskill who was born in 1873, and passed away in 1965. This booklet is a tribute to the life and witness of one of the most outstanding laymen which the Church in the Highlands has produced this century. Booklet, printed in 1968. 32 Pages. £6
  107. The Lewis and Skye Groups of the Hebrides Under the Norse ca. 800-1266 by G.V.C Young. Booklet, 5 Chapters, 4 Appendixes, Abbreviations, Illustrations. Printed in 1996. 45 Pages. £8
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  111. Mod Ontario Programmes from Mods in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Includes articles, a list of the judges for each Mod, a list of past winners, Schedule of events for each festival. Programmes are A5 size. They cover the years: 1978, 81, 83-92. 12 in total. £20
  112. A Short History of the Parish of Fortrose & Rosemarkie by Stuart Edmond. Booklet, printed in 2011. 14 Chapters, Appendices and Photographs. 26 Pages. £6
  113. Fiughalaich Eileanaich. Pairt II. Iain Murchaidh Bhig A Tabost Nis agus Mairi Chaluim Alasdair A Siadair leis an Urr Iain Macleoid, an Eaglais Shaor Barabhas. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1947. 23 Duilleagan. £5
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  115. Tocher -Tales and Traditions. 4 issues: 16, 23,31, 34. A5 size Publications which contain, stories, songs and traditions from the archive of the School of Scottish Studies. £20
  116. Rannan a Eilean na H-Oige le Domhnall MacDhomhnaill (Domhnall Eirisgeach) 14 Piosan bardachd. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1981. £6
  117. Gypsy Moth IV. A legend sails again by Paul Gelder. The plan was simple; rescue Gipsy Moth IV from her dry dock in Greenwich after 39 years and sail her round the world again on her 40th birthday and the 100th anniversary of Yachting Monthly. H.B. With D/J Published in 2007. 39 Chapters. 256 Pages. £8
  118. The Trial of the Bernera Rioters at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis July 1874, with address to the jury by the agent for the defence and charge by the Sheriff. Booklet, printed in 1985. 40 Pages. £6
  119. Appin Historical Society Newsletter No 21 2005. Booklet, 40 pages. £5
  120. Jean Armour Mrs Robert Burns. An Illustrated Biography by Peter J Westwood. Including sketches on the lives of Sarah Burns and Jessy Lewars. P.NB. Published in 1996. Ten Chapters and Appendix. 180 Pages. £6
  121. Sy Gone By. The magazine of the Stornoway Historical Society. No 45. December 2015. Contents: The Kipper Boats, “Pulling the Chain”,What’s the Nicolson, HMS Lively, St Peter’s Church, The Nicolson Institute an article by the late Donnie B. Macleod which originally appeared in the Scots Magazine in June 1964, and includes photographs. A4 Size Publication, 38 Pages. £5
  122. Stornoway Golf Club Centenary Magazine 1890-1990. Articles include a history of the club, the original Melbost links, Office Bearers, A short story by Frank Thompson, a short story by Hector Macdonald, a list of the past Captains and the 1989 Committee. Plenty photographs from throughout the years. A4 size Publication, 60 Pages. £10
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  126. Caledonian MacBrayne Ships of the Fleet by Ian McCrorie. With Illustrations by J. Aikman Smith. Booklet printed in 1977. This booklet has two purposes; the first is to give tourists some background information on the fleet, and secondly to provide shipping enthusiasts with up to date information on the deployment and characteristics of each vessel. 32 Pages. £6
  127. Seal Folk and Ocean Paddlers. Sliochd nan Ron by John M. Macaulay. Foreword by Tony Ford. B. Published in 1998. Contents: Preface, Seal Folk, Champion of Champions, Hebridean and Norse Tradition, Mythology, Fantasy, Recorded Events, Kayaks, Lapp of Honour, References and Bibliography. 110 Pages. £6
  128. MacBraynes for Scotland. ‘The Road to the Isles’ Season 1952. Booklet, printed in 1952. Contents: The Edge of the World, Glasgow to Inverness, The Islay Tour, The Scared Isle Tour, The Inner Hebrides Tour, The Skye Tour, Fort William to Loch Scavaig and Loch Coruisk Via Mallaig, The Outer Hebrides Tour, Northern Hebrides Tour (Inverness to Stornoway). Timetables with a list of all the tours and day trips. The publication includes many photographs. 48 Pages. £15
  129. Goodbye Mr Dixon by Iain Crichton Smith. A novel. H.B. Published in 1974, 1st Ex Library. 208 Pages. £5
  130. Stornoway Historical Society Exhibition 2002. People & Places. An exhibition on Stornoway’s past. Booklet, 28 pages. With a good mix of articles and adverts. £5
  131. Bicycles, donkeys, deserts and fish. The memoirs of John M Macleod, Balallan, Isle of Lewis. From growing up in Lewis in the 1920’s and 30;s through the challenges of the war years, from building makeshift boats on the Great Bitter Lake to fishing in the district of Lochs in retirement, John M. Macleod, formerly headteacher of Leurbost School takes us through a gamut of events and emotions. P.B. Published in 2009. 12 Chapters. 95 Pages. £6
  132. The French Macdonald. Journey of a Marshal of Napoleon in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Marshal Macdonald Duke of Tarentum. The 1825 Travel Diary of Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexander Macdonald. With commentaries by Jean Didier Hache and Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart. P.B. Published in 2007. Includes Illustrations. 209 Pages. £6
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  140. Transactions of the Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club. Vol II 1880-1883. This volume includes a good selection of articles on various issues, information on excursions members took, meetings, etc. H.B. Published in 1888. 408 Pages. £15
  141. Transactions of the Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club. Vol VI 1899-1906. Contents include; The Celtic Church, Alness in the Eighteenth Century, The early History of Tain, The Callernish Stones, Hugh Miller, Study of Scottish Place Names, and many other articles, includes illustrations. H.B. Published in 1910. 377 Pages. £15
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  144. Dr. Walter Macgilvray Aberdeen. Reprinted from “The Aberdeen Book -Lover” November, 2013. A historical and biographical narrative relating to a remarkable Highlander, originally from Bowmore, Isle of Islay. Booklet 7 Pages. £8
  145. Scotland’s Unsolved Mysteries of the Twentieth Century by Richard Wilson. Revised Edition. Some of the mysteries looked at in this book; The Flannan Isles Mystery, The Brue Murder, Bible John, Renee Macrae and her son Andrew and the Willie Macrae death in 1985. P.B Published in 1996. 15 Chapters, 191 Pages. £6
  146. An Gradh Bhuan Dain Spioradail le Aonghas MacGhilleMhoire. B’ann e Barabhas ann an Leodhas a bha am bard. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1946. 13 Duilleagan. £10 (Gann)
  147. Voices Galore by Janice K. Ross. This book features some of the interviews that the author broadcast on her Radio programme on the Island of Barra. 29 people are profiled in this book, locals, islanders from other areas of the Western Isles and some from mainland Scotland. P.B. Published in 2016. 200 Pages. A presentation copy from the author. £8
  148. Canntaireachd: Articulated Music, Dedicated to the Islay Association by JF Campbell. A facsimilie copy of the original publication that was printed in 1880, this reprint is from 2018. H.B. With D/J. 43 Pages. £12
  149. The Mulbuie Murder. Life and Trial of John Adam, at Inverness Circuit Court on September 1835, for the murder of his wife Jane Brechin. Containing a report of the evidence an account of the execution the subsequent full disclosure of the crime and extracts from the sermon by Rev Mr Clark on the evening of the execution. A facsimilie copy of the original which was published in 1888. Date of reprint unknown. A4 size. 54 Pages. £15
  150. 16 Copies of the Highland Family History Society Journal from 1984 to 2010, in no particular order. Various articles on Highland and Island families. A5 size publications. £25 for the set.
  151. By Coastland & By Woodland. Burghead Bay Lossie’s Shore Quarrywood and many more. Our beloved local area. Poems by Charles Macdonald. Booklet, 20 Pages. Signed by the author. £6
  152. Poetry Scotland. Ian Blake. Waiting for Gingers Rogers at Loch Oich. Booklet, date of printing 2007. 32 Poems. 43 Pages. £5
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  160. Everlasting Love. Devotional Sermons by Rev Murdoch Campbell. H.B Second Edition published in 1969, 12 sermons. 94 Pages. £5
  161. The Churches at Howmore by Bill Lawson. A South Uist Church Site in its Historical Setting. Booklet, printed in 1998. Fifteen Chapters and an Epilogue. 44 Pages. £6
  162. The Lewis Pipe Band A Short History by John Maclean (Secretary 1948- 84) A detailed history of the Pipe Band from its founding in 1904 until the late 1980’s. Booklet, printed in 1989. 48 Pages. £6
  163. Murder and Mystery in the Highlands by Francis Thompson. H.B.  With D/J Published in 1977. 1st Seven Chapters, Selected Bibliography and Index. This book deals with the stuff of Highland history, clan feuds, battles, assassinations, murder and kidnapping. 187 Pages. £8
  164. 200 Years of Distilling Tradition. Strathisla Distillery Keith 1786-1986 by Stewart McBain. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. Six Chapters, Appendixes, Index, References, Notes, Acknowledgements. 68 Pages. £15
  165. A Desert Place in the Sea. The Early Churches of Northern Lewis by Michael Robson. Booklet, printed in 1997. It looks at 11 Churches in North Lewis, has a map of the area and a Bibliography. 95 Pages. £5
  166. Scotland No More? The Scots who left Scotland in the Twentieth Century by Marjory Harper. There is much to tell, this book explores the causes and consequences of that persistent restlessness which has left few Scots families untouched. Emigration was not always an easy option -controversy, catharsis and contradictions are all part of this multi stranded history. P.B. This is a reprint from 2013.  6 Chapters, Endnotes, Scottish Diaspora: Some Useful Sources, Index. Includes photographs. 279 Pages. Signed by the author. £8
  167. Churchill’s Prisoner’s. The Italians in Orkney 1942-44. Compiled by James Macdonald. Booklet, nine chapters. Originally printed in 1987, this reprint is from 1992. 44 Pages. £6
  168. Gaelic and English Poems by John M. Macpherson. H.B Date of publishing unknown. 11 Poems by the author a native of Grantown on Spey. 32 Pages. £15. (Scarce)
  169. Mairi Mhor Nan Oran. Taghadh de a h-Orain. Deasaichte le Domhnall Eachann Meek. P.B. air fhoillseachadh ann an 1998. Cunntas ann cuideachd air eachdraidh beatha Mairi Mhor. 240 Pages. £8
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  171. West Highland Survey. An Essay in Human Ecology. Edited by F.Fraser Darling. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955, this revised and corrected edition is from1956. This book represents an attempt t of what may be called the West Highland problem, It is the report of a body established in 1944 by the Development Commission to survey the West Highlands and Hebrides scientifically, and to asses the factors which have led to a deterioration in social and economic conditions, and of the West Highlands as a satisfying human habitat. Seven Chapters which look at Land Forms, Population. The Ecology of Land Use, The Agricultural Situation, The Social Situations, Summary of the Report. 438 Pages. £20
  172. The Lands of the Lordship The Romance of Islay’s Names by Domhnall MacEacharna. P.B. Published in 1976. Nine Chapters and an Index of names. 124 Pages. £12
  173. An T-Urramach Iain Macrath (Macrath Mor) A Bha ann an Leodhas. Beagan iomradh m’a bheatha agus criomagan de theagaisg le Neacail Macneacail Ministear Shrath Ghairbh. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1895. 51 Duilleag. £8
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  176. The King’s Friend. Memorial of Norman Macdonald or “Tormod Sona” by Rev  Murdoch Salmon Campbell. Booklet, date of printing unknown, but possibly late 1940’s. 40 Pages. £6
  177. Transactions of the Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club. Volume VIII 1912-1918. H.B. Published in 1921. Articles include; The Common Good,The Picts in Atholl, Life History of, Some Old Houses in Elgin, Notes on the Parish of Petty, The Birds of Loch Ness side, Notes on Old Inverness, Pioneers of Feld Science in the North, etc, etc. 471 Pages. £15
  178. A St Kilda Handbook. A National Trust for Scotland Handbook. Editor Alan Small. Booklet, published in 1979.Contents: The Physical Landscape, Weather, Natural History,Archaeology, Norse and Post Norse St Kilda, Historical St Kilda, Exploring Hirta, Military Aspects of St Kilda, Tailpiece. 95 Pages. £8
  179. The Teampull at Northton and The Church at Scarista by Bill Lawson. Harris Churches in their Historical Setting. Booklet printed in 1993. Seven Chapters on the Teampull at Northton and twelve Chapters on the Church at Scarista. 44 Pages. £6
  180. Linguistics and Grammar: An Introduction to a bibliography by H.W. Young. Educational Review. Reprinted from Volume 18, Number 2, February 1966. Booklet, 18 pages. £8
  181. Murchadh Ruadh. Poileasman Gaidhealach air Ghalldachd le Tormod E.MacDhomhnaill. With an English Summary. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1983. A chad pairt dhan a leabhar a coimhead ri bheatha agus obair mar phoileas. The second part is in English which looks at his early days and his experiences a s a policeman. 55 Pages. £6
  182. The Heather and the gale. Clan Donald and Clan Campbell during the Wars of Montrose by Ronald Williams. The book is in four parts: Premonition, The Heather and the Gale, The Lowland Antagonists, The Highland Campaigns, Retribution, Footnotes, Select Bibliography, Index. List of Maps. 214 Pages. £8
  183. The Cairngorms Their Natural History and Scenery by Desmond Nethersole. Thompson & Adam Watson. With 32 photographs in black and white map and text figure.Preface by V.C. Wynne Edwards. The Vegetation by D.A. Ratcliffe. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1974, this second enlarged edition is from 1981. 12 Chapters, 2 Appendixes. 317 Pages. £10
  184. Muinntir Na Bothaige le Tormod Caimbeul.Cruth A4 air fhoillseachadh ann an 1992. Sgeulachd . 16 Pages. £6
  185. Tolsta Chaolais. The Steading by the Sound. The Emigration and Great Changes which shaped life in an Outer Hebrides Village. Part I 1746 -1846 by Christina Macdonald. A4 Size Publication with ring binding. 16 Chapters and a Map. 51 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  186. Banners Exhibition…. A millennium project by the Church of Scotland Guild. Edited by Elma Stuart and Fiona Lange. H.B. Published in 2001. Section 0ne deals with Thoughts and Comments from Committee Members, Section Two -Venues, Section Three Comments from Councils. 154 Pages. £8
  187. Game on Lews Past and Present by David S.D. Jones. Booklet, printed in 2007. Contents include Game on Lewis and Harris, Game Preservation, Game Records, Fish on Lewis and Harris, Vermin, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, List of Illustrations. 64 Pages. £8
  188. Old Stornoway Revisited. A reprint of a series of articles that appeared in the Stornoway Gazette from 1965 -1973 written by WH Macdonald. Murdoch Macleod has added notes and comments. A fascinating series of articles on old Stornoway, a must publication for anyone interested in local island history. A4 Size Publication, published in 2001. 93 Pages. £10
  189. Rich Man, Beggar man, Indian Chief. Fascinating Scots in Canada and America by Tom Bryan. The author recounts the colourful lives of 130 Scots emigrants who made their mark on North American history. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997. Contents: Politics, Naturalists, Artists, Native People, The Fur Trade, Wordsmiths, Rich Man, Poor man, Beggar Man, Thief, Soldiers, Sailors, Adventurers, Visionaries. 170 Pages. £8
  190. Glasgow Academical Club Centenary Volume 1866-1966. H.B. Published in 1966. Part One deals with the 19th Part Two deals with the 20th Century. Includes a list of Illustrations. 97 Pages. £10
  191. Saints & Sinners Tales of Lewis Lives by Iain Smith with Joan Forrest P.B. Published in 2017. Contents: Introduction, John L Robertson Son of Stornoway, William T Ross The Shawbost Headteacher, Alexander Macdonald and a Wandering Family, Secondary Education in Lewis 1890-1920’s, An Ordinary Shawbost Family, Professor Robert M Maciver, Professor Donald Mackenzie from Point to Princeton, John Munro The Lost Aiginish Gaelic Poet, Murdo Macdonald, A man of no School and all Schools, Hector Maciver, Afterthoughts and Conclusions. 180 Pages. £8
  192. The Songs of William Ross in Gaelic and English. Edited by George Calder. Collected by John Mackenzie Inver Ewe. New Edition Revised With Metrical Translations Memoir Glossary and Notes. H.B. Published in 1937. Includes a Glossary at the end. 252 Pages. £15
  193. Hugh Miller’s Memoir. From Stonemason to Geologist. Edited by Michael Shortland. P.B. Published in 1995. 8 Chapters, Notes on text, 5 Appendices. 266 Pages. £6
  194. Scotland -The land of adventure. Over The Minch From Kyleakin to Stornoway by James S. Adam. The story of the first person to make the canoe journey across the Minch. P.B. Published in 1977, this reprint is from 1997. 99 Pages, which includes photographs. £6
  195. Royal Scots in the Gulf. 1st Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) on Operation Granby 1990-1991 by Laurie Milner. H.B With D/J Published in 1994. Six Chapters, Epilogue, Footnote, Notes and 3 Appendixes and Bibliography. 185 Pages. £10
  196. Traditional Life in Shetland by James R. Nicolson. P.B. Originally Published in 1978, this edition is from 1990. Twelve Chapters, Bibliography and Index. 206 Pages. £6
  197. The Glenurquhart Story. A brief survey of the history of Urquhart. This publication was written by Alastair Mackell. Eleven Chapters, which includes photographs. 58 pages. £10
  198. Fancy Farm by Neil Munro. A novel, H.B. Published in 2010. 318 Pages. £8
  199. Gillies of Partick. The Life and Ministry of an Applecross Man. Biography by K.A. Gillies. Foreword by Sir David McNee. Rev Kenneth Gillies was the Minister of Partick Gardner Street Church of Scotland, Glasgow for fifty two years from 1924 until his death in 1976. P.B. Published in 1999. Eight Chapters, Three Gaelic Sermons with translations, Two English Sermons, six Appendixes which lists Members and Office Bearers, Includes photographs. 111 Pages. £6
  200. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Glasgow. Vol I 1887-91. H.B. Contents include: Donald Macleod the Skye Bard, Sketches of Kintyre, The Feeling for Nature in Gaelic Poetry, Some Ancient Gaelic Customs, Notes on Ancient Gaelic Medicine, Some Rare Gaelic Books,Uist old Hymns. 16 Chapters in Total. 306 Pages. £25
  201. People and Society in Scotland. Volume I 1760-1830. Edited by T.M. Devine and Rosalind Mitchison. 14 Chapters, A List of Contributors, Illustration. P.B. Published in 1988. 316 Pages. £8
  202. One Hundred Years On. Kinloch Church of Scotland Isle of Lewis 1911-2011. Booklet, printed in 2011. Contents include; A list of all the Ministers, Office Bearers, History of the Congregation, and photographs. 74 Pages. £6
  203. Air a’ Mhisean. Booklet,printed in 1998. Gives a list of all the missionaries from Lewis and Harris who served in the various denominations between 1900 and 1997. Also has photographs of most of the individuals profiled. 51 Pages. £6
  204. Iron Roads to the Isles by Michael Pearson. A Travellers & Tourists Guide to the West Highland Lines.  Booklet, this third edition s from 2009.  48 Pages, Photographs and maps. £6
  205. Prose Writings of Donald Lamont 1874-1958. Edited by Thomas M. Murchison. H.B. With D/J Published in 1960. The book is in Three Parts with a selection of Donald Lamont’s writings. 212 Pages. £12
  206. Shinty -Celebrating Scoland’s Game by Hugh Dan Maclennan. A book published to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Camanachd Association in 1993. 18 Chapters which includes many photographs and a history of each club that has taken part in competitions between 1893 and 1993. The most comprehensive history ever written on the sport and it’s history. 368 Pages. £10
  207. 3 Centuries of Falsehood Exposed. The ‘shame’ of 1650 laid upon the Highland laird Neil Macleod XI Baron of Assynt. A. Macleod of the Cadboll branch, Easter Ross and Bee Jay (Author) Gairloch, Wester Ross. Booklet, printed in 1970. This is a carefully studied account of the trials and tribulations affecting the life of that ardent Covenanter, Neil Macleod of Ardvreck (XI Baron of Assynt) after Montrose’s execution by the Scots Government in 1650. 24 Pages. £8
  208. Gangland Glasgow. True Crimes From the Streets by Robert Jeffrey. P.B. Originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2005. 13 Chapters, Index. From the Billy Boys in the 1930’s to the more recent gangland figures of Arthur Thompson Senior, Tam MacGraw, TC Campbell and Paul Ferris. 184 Pages which includes photographs. £5
  209. The New Birth by the Rev John Macdonald, Sleat, Skye. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 11 Pages. £6
  210. Sailm -Leabhar na Sailm. Sailm Dhaibhidh maille ri Laoidhibh air an tarraing o na Scrioptuiribh Naomha. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1954. Leabhar a tah a fas gann. £8
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  213. The History and traditions of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers & Greys) This Booklet covers the history of the Guards in the First and Second World War. Booklet, 29 pages, which includes photographs. £8
  214. The History and Traditions of The Royal Scots Greys. Covers the history of the Regiments, and gives information on key events and dates from their involvement in both World War’s. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 17 Pages, which includes photographs. £8
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  216. Learning Gaelic BBC Scottish Home Service 9 Oct to 11 Dec 1956. Booklet, 23 Pages. £8 (Scarce)
  217. On Telling the Culloden Story by Iain Cameron Taylor. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XLV. This paper was read by the author on 20th November 1964. Booklet, 22 Pages. £8
  218. 100 Years of Lodge Seaforth No 854 by Brother WR McGhee. P.B. Published in 1996. Contents include; formation of the Lodge, The First World War, Lodge Properties, Honorary and Eminent Brethren, Visiting Lodges and Lodges Visited, Founder Members, Past Masters, Secretaries & Treasurers, Bibliography and a list of all the members from 1896. 270 pages, includes photographs. £10
  219. Glory in the Glen A History of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880-1940 by Tom Lennie. A very detailed history of the revivals in Scotland, dealing with all the areas of Scotland where the revivals took place. It also devotes a chapter each to the different congregations where the revivals took place in the Highlands and Islands. P.B. Published in 2009. 511 Pages. £8
  220. A Bibliography of the Works of Neil M. Gunn by CJL Stokoe. P.B. Published in 1987. Contents: Chronology of Neil M. Gunn, Books and Short Stories, Plays, Dramatisations, and film Scripts, Verse, Articles in Newspapers and Periodicals, Broadcast Material,Miscellaneous, Index. 245 Pages. £8
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  225. Heathfield Hospital Ayr A Retrospective 1904 -1991. By John W.N. Duerden & Donald McNeil.  A general history of the hospital and a list of the staff in 1991.  64 Pages. £8
  226.  “ Let us Rise and Build” The Story 0f the Re Building of St Columba High Church Inverness. H.B. Published in 1952. 28 Pages. £8
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  245. Facal Beag Volume II. A selection of the Facal Beags which were written by the Rev DA Macrae for the local paper on the Isle of Harris ‘De tha Dol’ over 25 years. Booklet, printed circa early 2000’s. 44 Pages. £6
  246. James Hogg A Life by Gillian Hughes. H.B. With D/J Published in 2007. Gillian Hughes is a fine scholar, and her life of James Hogg shows an extraordinary inwardness with Hogg’s domestic manners and his progress of his double life as a shepherd and as writer. Eight Chapters, Epilogue, Sources and Abbreviations, Reference Notes, Index, and Illustrations. 349 Pages. £8
  247. Let’s See Wester Ross. Photographs by William Thomson. A brochure specifically aimed at tourists. Contains text giving a historical background and many photographs of the area. Booklet, 32 Pages. £8
  248. The Story of The Lovat Scouts 1900-1980 by Michael Leslie Melville. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. This unique Regiment of Scouts was raised by Lord Lovat in 1900, mainly from Highland stalkers, Valiant, hardy and unorthodox, they and their successors distinguished themselves in South Africa and in two World Wars. Twenty One Chapters and Six Appendices. 118 Pages. £10
  249. Piping Times 5 issues. December 2000, January 2001, April 2001, June 2001, November 2001. A5 Size Magazines which contain a good selection of articles, history information on piping contests, etc. £12
  250. Facal air an Fhacal. Gramair na Gaidhlig by Michael Byrne. A4 Size Publication. Seachd Caibidealan. 1 -Gramair -De tha ann? 2. A Bhuidheann Ainmearach, 3 Am Buadhair, 4 An Co Ghniomhair, 5 An Riochdair, 6-An Roimhear, 7-An Gniomhair.  145 Duilleag £8
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  254. A Gallant Son of Coigach. Lieutenant Donald Macleod DCM 4/5TH Seaforth Highlanders by Roderick F Macleod. Donnie “Beag” Macleod DCM was one of thousands of young Highlanders who answered the call in 1939 to defend Britain from Adolf Hitler’s tyrannical regime. Tragically, Donnie “Beag” was killed crossing the Rhine during the attacks on German soil at Groin a few weeks from the end of the war. A4 Size Publication. 14 Pages, which includes photographs. £10 (Scarce)
  255. Buckie in Storm and Calm. A potted History of Buckie Harbour and Fishmarket by Nuala Naughton. Booklet, printed in 1993. 46 Pages. £8
  256. A History of Lodge Fortrose No 108 Stornoway by George Clavey. H.B. Published in 1992. Contents include; The Beginning, The Name, The Buildings, The Church, The Community, By Laws, The Sea, The Social Club, Tylers, Janitors and Housekeepers, Regalia, Ritual, Office Bearers, Meetings, Membership. It also has a roll call of Members up until WW2. Includes Photographs. 218 Members, and includes a cutting with James Shaw Grant’s review of the book. £15
  257. Under A Northern Sky by Dan Mackay. A photographic journey by the author from the far North Highlands and onto the islands of St Kilda and South Uist, Lewis, Orkney etc. Text accompanies each photograph. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 65 Pages. £8. A presentation copy from the author.
  258. Gaelic and Scots in Grampian an outline history by Davie Horsburgh. Booklet, printed in 1994. 71 Pages. £8
  259. Round the World Flying. The journal of a Scottish emigrant’s voyage from London to Melbourne on the clipper Macduff in 1869. Edited by Carol McNeill. P.B. Published in 2008. The story of the diary of Alexander MacNeill from Gigha, who emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1869, he kept a diary recounting his 75 day voyage. 67 Pages. £10
  260. Uirsgeulan Na Feinne Cuid a H-Aon. Fionn ann an Tigh a Bhlair Bhuidhe Gun Chomas Suidh no Eirigh agus Sealg Bheinn Eidir. A translation of the English short stories -Fingal in the House of the Blar Buidhe and The Hunt of Ben Eidhir. 43 Pages. £12 (Scarce)
  261. The Parallel Roads of Glen -Roy by Kenneth Macdonald, Town Clerk, Inverness. Reprinted from “Field Club Transactions for 1903”. Booklet, Printed in 1909. 26 Pages. £15
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  263. A Regional Guide to the Birds of Scotland by Kenneth Richmond. H.B. With D/J Date of publishing unknown. Text and Illustrations. 252 Pages. £12
  264. The Elephant At War. 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders 1939-1945. By Andrew Todd. P.B. Published in 1998. Part One: The First 2nd Seaforth Highlanders -Part Two: The Second 2nd Seaforth Highlanders, Appendix, Illustrations. 104 Pages. £10
  265. The Companion to Gaelic Scotland. Edited by Derick S. Thomson. This companion covers every aspect of Gaelic life and culture from art, literature,language, music, architecture, to politics, agriculture, the economy and archaeology. This book is an essential and a unique work of reference. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983, 363 Pages. £10
  266. Lewis The Story of an Island by Christine Macdonald. Foreword by Margaret Bennett. P.B. Originally published in 1982, this reprint is from 1999. Contents: The Land, Standing Stones, Picts and Scots, Early Literature, The Vikings, The Clans, The Macleod Barons of Lewis, The Mackenzie Earls of Seaforth, Later Literature and Music, Presbyterian Church, The End of the Clan System, Sir Alexander Mackenzie. 80 Pages. £6
  267. Lewis in the Passing by Calum Ferguson. P.B. Published in 2007. Interviews the author conducted with 21 of his fellow islanders over a 20 year period, all those profiled in the book were born between 1896 and 1930. 310 Pages. £8
  268. Lewis The West Coast in History and legend by Bill Lawson. P.B. Published in 2008. Contents: Ness, Shorelands, Carloway, Uig District; Loch Roag Side, Bernera, Uig, Epilogue, References, Picture Credits, Maps, Index of Places, Index of Persons, Index of Main Topics. 273 Pages. £8
  269. The Outer Hebrides The Timeless Way by Peter Clarke. P.B. Published in 2006. Experience with the author a unique view of the islands, their old tracks and paths bring to life historical anecdote and human stories. 216 Pages. £6
  270. The Castles of the Lews by Peter Cunningham. H.B. Published in 2008. Contents include; Seaforth Lodge, The Matheson Era, Lord Leverhulme, The Stornoway Trust, Lews Castle College, The Castle and Town go to War, Extracts from the press covering the Royal Visit to Lewis, Pipe Major Kenneth Macleod, etc. Includes many photographs and copies of artefacts. 131 Pages. £10
  271. The Gallant Pioneers Rangers 1872 by Gary Ralston. The author has used fresh research and hitherto unseen documents, records and transcripts to sympathetically recount the heartbreaking stories behind the men who created a great club. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. Fourteen Chapters, References, Bibliography, An Anthology of early Rangers Writing. 192 Pages. £8 (Scarce)
  272. The Gallant Pioneers (Updated) by Gary Ralston. Since the original book was published in 2009, new information, photographs and stories about the major players have emerged and paint an even fuller picture of the boys who formed one of the world’s great football clubs. P.B. Published in 2013. Fourteen Chapters. 232 Pages. £8
  273. An Eaglais Mhor (The Large Church) The history of Cross Free Church, Ness, Isle of Lewis by Rev Angus Smith. Booklet, printed in 1992. Contents: The Temple of Moluadh, St Peter’s, The Parliamentary Church of 1828, The Disruption Church of South Dell, The Large Church of Cross. 39 Pages. £8
  274. Gleann na h-Irioslachd. Dain Spioradail le Seonaid Nic Mhathain Eilean a Cheo. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 11 Hymns in total. 20 Pages. £15 (Scarce)
  275. Lasair Litreachais Mod 2014. Sgeulachdan goirid a bh’aig Moid Naiseanta Rioghaill na bliadhna sinn. Naoi sgriobaidearan le deifir sgeulachdan. Leabharann, 38 Duilleag. £6   
  276. Sermons by the Rev John Macsween. P.B. Published in 1999. Rev Macsween 1910-1982, was a Free Church Minister in the congregations of Tongue, Fort William -Ontario, Winnipeg and Toronto and finally in Point Free Church, Isle of Lewis. The book includes a biography of him and has twenty of his sermons in this book. 135 Pages. £8
  277. The Armorial Who is Who 1979-1980. A register of Armorial Bearings in current use with the names and addresses of the bearers and the authority for their use. Editor Lt. Colonel Gayre of Gayre and Nigg. Assistant Editor John Dunn. H.B. Sixth Edition. Contents: The Armorial Bearings of Sovereigns and Chiefs of Sovereign Houses, The Armorial Bearings of Royal and Princely Persons of Sovereign and non Sovereign Houses, Arms of Noblesse, Patricians, Civility and Burghers, Arms of Orders of Chivalry and Public Bodies. 440 Pages. £15
  278. Tales of Whisky and Smuggling by Stuart McHardy. P.B. Published in 1991, this reprint is from 2002. Twenty Chapters. 160 Pages. £6
  279. Denis Law King and Country by Alex Gordon. Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson. A book solely devoted to his illustrious International career. H.B. With D/J Published in 2013. Twenty Sic Chapters and Appendixes with all the Scotland line ups and his goals for Scotland. Includes many photographs. 280 Pages. £6
  280. Archie Macpherson -The Autobiography. A Game of Two Halves. H.B Published in 2009. The autobiography of one of Scotland’s most famous broadcaster over the past 50 years. Twenty Four Chapters and includes photographs. 308 Pages. £6
  281. Kenny Logan Just for Kicks The Autobiography. With Michael Aylwin. B. With D/J Published in 2009. Twenty Chapters, Epilogue, Career Statistics, Index, Picture Credits. 403 Pages. £6
  282. Gregor Townsend Talk of the Toony. The Autobiography. H.B. With D/J. 17 Chapters, Career Statistics, Acknowledgements, Index. Includes Photographs. 406 Pages. £6
  283. Wanderings in Scotland by William T Palmer -with 33 Illustrations and a map. H.B With D/J some tears to the D/J. In this profusely illustrated volume, the author portrays memories of the great northern land from Cheviot to Cape Wrath, from the bird cliffs of St Abbs to sacred Iona. Includes chapters on Ben Nevis and Lochabar, on Glencoe and Buchaille Etive Mor and Ben Cruachan. Eleven Chapters. 191 Pages. £15
  284. Isle of Tiree. Eilean Thiriodh. Edited by Mona Macdonald. This booklet, printed in 1973 is an abridged version brought up to date of the Tiree section of the Handbook of the Islands of Coll and Tiree written by the late Rev Hector Cameron. 35 Pages. £8
  285. The Old and The New Highlands & Hebrides. From the days of the Great Clearances to the Pentland Act of 1912 by James Cameron. P.B. Published in 1912. Twenty Four Chapters. 167 Pages. £20
  286. Duanagan agus Sgeulachdan Beaga le Iain Dubh Mac Dhomhnull ‘ic Iain. Poems and Storyettes by John Maclennan Brisbane. H.B. No date of Publishing given. 81 Sgeulachdan agus duanagan. 117 Duilleagan. £8
  287. Gaidhlig PLC. Plana Leasachaidh Canain a development plan for Gaelic. A4 Size Publication. Contents: Foreword, Background, The Gaelic Renaissance, Achievements, Strategy, Appendices. Date of printing circa 1999. 44 Pages. £6
  288. Carn -A Link Between the Celtic Nations. Magazine printed by the Celtic League. No 105 Spring 1999. Contents include; Gaelic in the Scottish Parliament, The Challenge for the Assembly for Wales, League Secretary General in South Armagh, Building Inter Gaelic Links. A4 Size publication. 24 Pages. £6
  289. National Mod Programmes for the 74th National Mod in Golspie 1977 and for the 78th National Mod in Oban, 1978. A5 size publications. Contents includes the programme of events with a list of entrants and the usual mix of adverts and articles from An Comunn and the local Mod organising committees. £10 for both
  290. Clans and Chiefs by Ian Grimble. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 1st This book explores the origins of tribalism among the Celtic peoples of Europe and describes how it was brought to Scotland and why it took on a new lease of life in the clan system there. 11 Chapters. 267 Pages. £15
  291. Scots Gaelic an introduction to the basics by George Maclennan. B. Originally Published in 1987, this reprint is from 2010. 78 Pages. £5
  292. Prehistoric Burial Practices. Short cist from East Drums Farm near Brechin, Angus District. Pamphlet 6 Pages. £5
  293. Elgin Official Guide. The Official Guide of the City and Royal Burgh of Elgin. Booklet, printed in 1959. Seven Chapters. 32 Pages. £6
  294. Great Scottish Speeches Volume II. Introduced and Edited by David Torrance. H.B. With D/J Published in 2013. Speeches include; John Knox, David Livingstone, Sir John A Macdonald, Keir Hardie, Jennie Lee, Hamish Henderson, Willie Gallacher, Judith Hart, John Bannerman, Pastor Jack Glass,Russell Johnstone, Robin Cook, Eric Liddell, Mick McGahey, William Mcilvanney, Jim Sillars, George Reid, Margo Macdonald and many more. 215 Pages. £6
  295. The Summer of 89 by Bob Charnley. This book is the story of a remarkable quest: a search for the history behind a faded photograph album discovered in a second hand bookshop in Stockport in 1986. Within its pages lay the chronicle of a tour made around Scotland over a century ago; images of a now vanished world peopled by busy Victoria businessmen. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. Seven Chapters, 132 Pages. £8
  296. Scots in Sweden by Jonas Berg and Bo Lagercrantz. With an Introduction by Eric Linklater and an essay by Frans G. Bengtsson. P.B. Published in 1962. 102 Pages. Also included is a programme of the Scots in Sweden Exhibition which was held at the Royal Scottish Museum between August and September 1962. £10
  297. Victorian & Edwardian Perthshire from rare Photographs by R. Lamont Brown & Peter Adamson. Foreword by The Rt Hon The Earl of Perth, PC. H.B With D/J Published in 1985. Twelve Chapters. 176 Photographs. 126 Pages. £8
  298. Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue No 3. December 1994. Contents: Our Cover Picture, Description of Shields Exhibited in the Town Hall, Lewis Jamieson Postmaster Stornoway, The Sandwick Serenade, Raising Vessels -Mr Bremner Wick, Years Ending in a 4, Mostly Ships and a slip, The Norge Disaster, Work to be Done. A4 Size Publication, 24 Pages. £6
  299. Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue No 20. July 2003. Contents: From the Editor’s Chair,Fishy Tales, Whale Hunts in Stornoway Bay, Rest Houses for Fishworkers, The Lost gardens of Lews Castle, A Ghostly Tale, Some old Stornoway Yarns,Glimpses of Portrona, An Ciaora, Looking Back, Malcolm A. Mackenzie, A Jail for Stornoway, Stornoway Electric Supply Company, Major General R.A. Bennett, The Shops of Old Stornoway. A4 Size Publication 31 Pages. £6
  300. Roll of Honour Sgire Na Pairc (Park District Isle of Lewis) 1939-1945. A4 Size publication, published in 1990. 110 Pages. Photographs included of most of the people whose names appear on the roll. £10
  301. Songs of Scotland. A4 Size Publication which has been published by Allan Music (Australia) Pty Ltd circa 1965. 47 songs in total which gives the words and music. Well known songs like: Ae fond kiss, Annie Laurie, Bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond, Bonnie Dundee, Flowers o’ the Forest, My boy Tammie, MacGregor’s Gathering, Road to the Isles and many more.  64 Pages. £15
  302. The Concert Edition of Scottish Songs. Edited and Arranged by Hugh S. Robertson. Book 1. 5 Songs: The Carls o‘ Dysart, Ca’ the Yowes, I lo’e na a Laddie, Adieu, Dundee! The Cooper o’ Fife. A4 Size Publication, printed in 1929. Includes words and music for each song. £10
  303. Puirt a Eilean Leodhais. Tunes from the Isle of Lewis composed by Ian Crichton. A collection of Scottish music for Accordion, Fiddle and Bagpipes. Books 3 & 4. 55 Tunes in Total. A4 Size Publications, printed in 1996. £12 for both of them.
  304. Celtic A Century With Honour. The Official Centenary History by Brian Wilson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. Twenty One Chapters and Statistical Appendixes. Chapters include the early history of the club, The War years, John Thomson, Who owns Celtic, The Stein Years and the successes under Billy MacNeil. Includes Photographs. 214 Pages. £10
  305. The Crofter & The Laird by John McPhee. The author of this book took his family to live for a year on the Island of Colonsay where his ancestors came from, to discover its history, its customs, its legends and its people. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1972, although the stories in the book originally appeared in The New Yorker. 159 Pages. Ex Library £8
  306. Birds of North Rona and Sulasgeir. A Nature Conservancy Council Publication. Edited by Stuart Benn, Stuart Murray and Mark L Tasker. A4 Size Publication. The Chapters look at the Human History, Ornithology and Birds on both Islands. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 1989. 45 Pages. £12
  307. Island Postal History Series: No 1 Harris & St Kilda. By James A. Mackay. Contents: Introduction, The Harrs Posts to 1855, The Harris Posts under Stornoway, 1855 -1887, The Harris Posts under Portree, 1887 -1911, The Harris Posts under Lochmaddy, 1911 -1937, The Harris Posts under Stornoway since 1937, The St Kilda Posts. A4 Size Publication. 35 Pages. £20
  308. St Columba’s Church at Aignish. (The Church of the Ui) by Bill Lawson. A Lewis Church in its Historical Setting. Booklet, printed in 1991. 16 Chapters which includes Chapters on the Macleod’s, William Mackenzie, Roderick Morrison and Mary Carn Mackenzie. 44 Pages. £8
  309. Duanaire Na Sracaire. Songbook of the Pillagers. Anthology of Medieval Gaelic Poetry. Edited by Wilson McLeod and Meg Bateman. Anthology of Scotland’s Gaelic Verse to 1600 P.B. Published in 2007. Contents: List of Poems, A Note on translation, The Learned Tradition, The Song Tradition, Notes, Glossary on Place Names, Glossary of Personal Names, Biography. 554 Pages. £10
  310. Neil Gunn’s Country. Essays in Celebration of Nel Gunn. Edited by Dairmid Gunn and Isobel Murray. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. Contents: Contributors, Introduction, My Uncle and I, At the End of the Day, Neil Gunn and the Eternal Landscape, Neil Gunn and the Mythic Regeneration of Scotland, Living Around With Neil, The Elemental in Neil Gunn, Short Chronology of Neil Gunn’s Life and Works, The Neil Gunn International Fellowship, Further Reading, Index to Works by Neil Gunn. 176 Pages. £8
  311. Highlands & Islands of Scotland by A.R. Hope Moncrieff With Illustrations by William Smith. First Edition with 40 Illustrations published in 1906, this Third Edition published in 1929. Ten Chapters. 235 Pages. £8
  312. Soldiering on St Kilda by James Mackay. One man’s Reflections on His Service in St Kilda, 1959-61, and the Previous Naval and Military History of the Remote but Beautiful Island. B. With D/J Published in 2002. Twelve Chapters and an Epilogue. 154 Pages. £25 (Scarce)
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  315. St Kilda Church, Visitors and natives by Michael Robson. This book examines the church over the centuries and the impact of the other outside influences such as tourists and journalists. Described as one of the most important books ever written on St Kilda. Contains many pictures of the island which have never previously been published. The book is in eight parts and contains many illustrations, with many of them that have never previously been published. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 755 Pages. £35
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  343. Tartan The Highland Habit by Hugh Cheape. P.B. Published in 1991. The story of Tartan takes us from medieval love of display to the Victorian invention of exclusive clan identity. Also, includes a full colour section on individual clan tartans, with historical information on each clan. 96 ages. £10
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  353. Wild Island A Year in the Hebrides by Jane Smith. In paintings and words, this book portrays a year in the life of oronsay, a remote Hebridean island that is farmed by the RSPB for the benefit of holiday.  B. Published in 2016. 160 Pages. £10
  354. The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Nature Conservancy Council. The Natural Environment of the Outer Hebrides Edited by Dr John Morton Boyd. H.B. Published in 1979. Contents: The Physical Environment, The Marine Environment,The Vegetation, Freshwater and Terrestrial Invertebrates, The Avifauna, Resources and Planning. H.B. Fully Rebound. 561 Pages. £25
  355. An Eye on the An Illustrated Journey by Mairi Hedderwick. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. Eleven Chapters. The journey was alone and continuous. It encompassed 40 islands, 750 sea miles, 4.500 land miles, 30 boats, innumerable breakdowns both mechanical and spiritual, 4 big storms, thousands of midges and far too many soul searing sunsets. 128 pages. £8
  356. Hebridean Heritage. Autobiography of a West Highland Minister by Rev Angus MacVicar,Minister Emeritus of Southend. P.B. Published in 1966, from his boyhood in North Uist, to schooldays in Kingussie and his years as a Minister. 12 Chapters, 84 Pages. £25 Signed by the Author.
  357. Island of Kerrera Mirror of History by H.Macdougall. A4 Size Publication privately printed by the author in 1979. Contents: Historical, Gylen Castle and Sindrie Houses, Merklands, Crops and Beasts, Rents and services, Farm Graith, Bailemor Township and Farm, Meal Mills, Sea and land Harvest.Includes Illustrations. 157 Pages. £20
  358. Jura an Island of Argyll by Donald Budge. Its History, People and Story. With Illustrations and Map. H.B. With D/J Published in 1960. This is the first history of Jura to be written.  Contents: Features of Jura, Old and far Off Things, Battles Long Ago, The Coming of the Campbells, Ardlussa, The Ecclesiastical Story, Burial and Burial Grounds, Schools and Schoolmasters, Swords into Ploughshares, From the Lone Sheiling, Jura Highland Cattle, The Jura Estate and other matters, Old Jura Surnames, Tales of Jura, Index, Map. 206 Pages. £25
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  361. Islay and the Islands of Jura and Colonsay In Scotland’s Enchanting Western Isles. Illustrated Guide Book. Covers a tour of Islay, the South eastern and South western Areas, Sports and Recreations,Communications and a Note on History and General Information. Booklet, 69 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £10
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