People who live in villages in Point and Sandwick are being invited to take part in a photographic project to capture the strange but historic times we have been going through with lockdown.

As households continue to “stay at home”, albeit with more relaxed rules, photographer Sandie Maciver of SandiePhotos Photography has begun taking ‘doorstep photos’ to mark the moment. The portraits can literally be ‘on the doorstep’ or in the garden and can either be posed or show an outside activity such as gardening, to illustrate how people and families have been passing the time at home.

The project has been organised and funded by community wind farm organisation Point and Sandwick Trust, as a lighter aspect to its efforts to combat the Covid-19 crisis, and as part of its mission to enhance the cultural wellbeing of the area.  Cultural wellbeing is one of four areas of development for PST. The others are social, educational and environmental wellbeing.

Inviting households to get involved, Point and Sandwick Trust chair Norman Mackenzie explained the thinking behind the project. “We are currently living through the most dangerous pandemic in living memory and whilst the ongoing contribution of PST and the reality of lockdown in terms of testing, social distancing, economic impact and so on are widely recorded, a light-hearted photographic record of how our community coped and pulled together to get through this period will be a significant contribution to the historic record.

“Hopefully, once Sandie has completed her work, we will be able to arrange a ‘virtual’ exhibition that will help to raise our spirits and boost our commitment to stick together through what we hope will be the final months of this very strange period.”

Sandie said the photos would be made available, free of charge, to anyone who took part in the project, with its aim of creating a historic record of people in lockdown.  Anyone who takes part, giving consent for the photos to be used in an exhibition and on websites and social media, will get a downloadable link – which can also then be emailed to loved ones.

Sandie added: “I’ve got a long lens and it’s socially distanced….”

One family who have already taken part is the Smith family from Upper Bayble – mum Annice, dad David and children Lucas and Annie.   Annie has thoroughly enjoyed the time at home with the children and said it was “nice to have” their family portrait to mark the moment. 

“It’s part of history,” she said. “The children, the memories they’re going to have, the experience of it all… you can’t describe it. It’s strange, surreal.

“We’ve been able to slow down and just breathe. But we’ve been fortunate on the island, in that it didn’t really hit us. The ones who had the virus have got better and it’s been contained. It is a different story up here.”

Anyone else interested in taking part in the portrait project, is asked to contact Sandie directly to make an arrangement. Contact her via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 07749 693000 or via her Facebook page, @sandiephotos.stornoway. Her website is