Uist Cat Rescue have issued an urgent plea for kitten food.

The kitten food would greatly help a pregnant stray cat from Berneray.  

The heavily-pregnant cat remains unclaimed, despite Uist Cat Rescue describing her as very affectionate and friendly. 

The organisation say: "This cat will be cared for by a fosterer in a home until she has her kittens and they are at least 8 weeks old.

"We will then get her spayed and once recovered, if no one has claimed her in the meantime, we will find her a good home.

"While pregnant and nursing her babies, she needs to be fed kitten food, not ordinary cat food, so we are asking whether you could look in your local shops for kitten food and donate some so that we can give her the nourishment she needs.

"She will need a supply in the meantime and also for the 8 weeks she is nursing.

"We will add it to the Amazon wishlist also. We'd be so grateful for your help.

"If this is not a missing cat who is loved and wanted back home, she could have been abandoned in her hour of need."