Plans for a permanent memorial and garden of remembrance for Eilidh MacLeod have been approved by the Comhairle.

Eilidh's Trust have said this is "an early - but important- step in the development of a memorial, and a quiet space for everyone to reflect on their daily lives and on loved ones who are no longer with us."

The Trust created the plans for the gardens and sculpture at Bentangaval.

The memorial features bronze sculpture by artist, Jenna Gearing, created in consultation with the family.

It depicts a young female piper holding a set of pipes on her arm, holding the hand of a young boy with a chanter.


Eilidh's Trust concluded: "We have a lot more to tell you about the memorial and garden over the coming weeks and months, so please keep in touch so we can keep you updated.

"For now, we’re very happy that this part is complete and thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this stage."