The international film crew currently working at locations around the Isle of Lewis are expected to be based at the old Manse at Cross, Ness for the rest of this week.

Versus productions are working with a Belgian, French and Scottish crew, including many island technical and site workers, to film a feature-length movie called ‘Wise Blood’.

Set in a Prebyterian community in the Isle of Lewis, the film explores a relationship built on a lie, between a man who has suffered memory-loss after a stroke and the woman who helps care for him. It stars two of the actors from HBO blockbuster Game of Thrones and is directed by Peaky Blinders director Tim Mielants and Belgian director Bouli Lanners, who also stars.

The films locations have so far included a peat-bank at Achmore, a church in Point and various road locations including the Pentland Road.

For the rest of this week, the production has moved to the Manse building at Cross, built in 1829, and designed by Thomas Telford.

Filming is set to continue around the island until November 29th.

The pictures shows a still from the filming earlier this month, with Michelle Fairley and Bouli Lanners (Versus Productions) and a picture of the Manse at Cross (Canmore).