Enjoying a cup of deliciously blended tea or coffee in the calm and comforting atmosphere of the Hebridean Tea Store on Cromwell Street, Stornoway, offers the opportunity of a pause in this fast and hectic modern day life.

But now imagine just how more relaxing that would be after you’ve experienced an aromatherapy massage.

And that’s exactly what’s on offer in June as the Hebridean Tea Store and The Travelling Therapist have teamed up to celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week by presenting a Women-only Day events, with a signature aromatherapy massage followed by a delicious healing tea, June 11th to 13th.

“Customers will get pampered in our new therapy room upstairs and then can come down and mellow it out downstairs with a delicious cup of ‘Women’s Herbs’ or ‘Healthy Treasure tea’,” said Tea Store owner Sabine Weiten.

“Both the teas are special blends that help support the female body – chock full of healing and rejuvenation herbs and spices.

“There are also few chances to do something that is Women-only, so that’s what our pamper days will focus on; relaxing in a calm atmosphere where there are no men about.”

The Travelling Therapist, Louise Davidson, is also looking forward to the new venture: “I am very excited about working with Sabine.

“In my training I have studied Herbalism which gives me extensive knowledge of the power of herbs and their oils. To be able to combine my oils with Sabine’s Herbs is like the perfect combination to address health and wholeness from within.”

Widely accepted by orthodox and complementary practitioners as one of the most comprehensive natural therapies, Aromatherapy uses essential oils which have the potential to tap into the emotions, to heal and soothe the body, and promote spiritual connection.

“If you have ever experienced a time where you smelt something and that smell took you back to a time and place you had long forgotten, then you will be recognising the power of smell and the potent power of essential oils,” said Louise.

“Aromatherapy can work in a gentle but deep way to release and heal; helping to create an atmosphere where the recipient can feel cared for, physically relax, become less anxious, calm and restful and has the potential for a vital role in care and recovery programmes.”

With an almost endless list of benefits brought by the therapy – relief from tension, stress disorders, exhaustion, M.E, M.S, fibromyalgia, bereavement, physical issues, sleep problems, depression, pain and boosts to energy levels, immune system, healing and digestion processes among them – an appointment with Louise will see each session tailored to the individual.

After a thorough medical consultation to discuss histories and any pre-existing conditions, Louise will then select essential oils based on a client’s current health needs before delivering a full body massage, or if more appropriate, focusing on one part of the body.

“As a therapist when I work with a client we are working as a team to create balance, it is a two-way relationship,” said Louise, who is also highly trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Massage, and Structural Integration

“Using my training and skills to empower clients, and with their willingness to create change and transformation in themselves is a powerful combination. I love my job!”

To find out more about the Women-only Aromatherapy Day, call into the Hebridean Tea Store on Cromwell Street, or visit the Facebook event page at www.facebook.com/ events/599089440448421/ (search ‘Women only AROMATHERAPY Day’).

You can find out more about Louise’s work under ‘The Travelling Therapist’ on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ releasemeathod/); and check out the Hebridean Tea Store website for further information at www.hebrideanteastore.scot